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Animal Lovers Worldwide

About Us

From Jungle to Ocean and from street to backyard, animals all over the world facing fears of brutality and abuse. Like humans, they are also a part of this world and holds equal ownership of the planet earth.

Most of the time it’s the fear and the lack of education about animals led humans mistreating animals. So, we at Animals Lovers Worldwide, built up this platform to education and raise the awareness of getting educated about animals around the planet and help them live peacefully among us in this planet where they are also a part of.

At Animal Lovers Worldwide, we focus on educating people about animals and their behavior so the people can understand them in a better way and also we share news about animal abuse around the world as well as stories where amazing humans who have taken an extra step in helping animals.

This platform is open for anyone willing to learn, share their experiences or thoughts to make a difference in making a better world for everyone including animals. There are so many things to learn about animals around the world and many more amazing stories of interaction between humans and animals, so make Animal Lovers Worldwide a better platform in sharing, get educated and give something back to the world to make it a better place for each one who walks on this beautiful planet.

We Educate, We Help & We Care … Let’s make this a better place …