Do you Know,  Real Story

A real ‘BUDDY’

Henriques is working in the garage when a heater explodes sending the building up in flames.

Though the fire department receives an alert, was in much confusion how to find the isolated residence in Alaska among the 75 miles of twisting forest roads.

Going all over the winding roads, one of the troopers spotted Henriques’ dog, Buddy. Following the signals of the dog and going in his own instinct, trooper decided to follow the dog. Surprisingly the dog leads the trooper to the rambling fire and fortunately they are there before a great disaster and the trooper was able to bring his team to the site and control the fire.

Even though the garage was totally destroyed due to the find, Henriques and his family has not faced any serious damages excepts for the little wounds from the windows and heat of fire.

Henriques was much grateful for his real Buddy for saving his and the lives of his family.

As a tribute to the heroic act of the dog, the fire troopers presented a brave dog steel bowl to Buddy.

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