Do you Know,  Real Story

Thor – A Real Hero

A gas station worker, Justin Ireland might have never thought that he would face a real-life hero face to face in his life until a dramatic incident happened at his office. Holly’s gas station.

That day Justin was working bit lately as usual in his office when a stranger approached him and asked for a phone call. When Justin refused, to his surprise the man has suddenly pulled a gun and demanded the cash from the cashier. The man pushed Justin hard when he refused to give him the money.

This is when the Justin met his real-life hero. Justin’s pet dog ‘Thor’ who lies under Justin’s desk all this time suddenly got into the act and jumped barking towards the stranger who was attacking Justin. The stranger who did not expected the sudden attack from the dog ran away frightened.

Justin later said that he never expected such bravery from Thor as he is very nice dog who is very friendly with everyone who visit the station and he was surprised how he reacted in such needy situation.

That day Justin realize that his pet is a worthy dog for his name, Thor’.

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