Do you Know,  Real Story

How big was her heart …

We all know that elephants are very intelligent species in animal kingdom and they always take a great care of their loved ones.

So today we bring you an interesting story about an elephant who saved her caretaker from drowning in the river.

As we all know Thailand is very much popular destination in using elephants and wild animals to promote their tourist industry. The incident happened in an elephant park in Thailand.

Most of these parks are nature parks where the visitors can experience several activities linked with animals.

The incident happened when a group of elephants went to the river located inside the park for their daily bath. Suddenly it was noted that an elephant named ‘Kamla’ was rushing away from the group into the middle of the river. Then only the onlookers noticed that one of the caretakers named ‘Derrick’ was taken down the river by a strong current where the man was helpless in fighting back. Kamla who seemed to notice this rush to rescue the caretaker and help him reach the bank safely. The man was much grateful for the quick act of heroism of the animal.

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