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Intelligence Covered with feathers

Intelligence in not something that only holds by us humans. If you can carefully observe the nature around you, there are so many evidences to be found that humans are not only creatures living on this earth.

So, today we’re going to talk about the intelligence hidden inside feathers. There are several intelligent birds around the globe which makes you much more interesting about learning and get to know of them.

Crows/ Ravens

Not quite fascinating with the looks, Crows are commonly categorized as scavengers in the world of birds. Also due to the misinterpretation made through fairy tales and movies, Crows or the Ravens and recognized as evil or dark hearted creatures.

However, in reality Crows are quite smart and most intelligent creatures compared to other birds. Scientists have recently identified that Crows usually plan 3, 4 steps ahead when they’re into something. Most of the times, they tend to use improvised tools to get the work done efficiently.

Scientists have developed a test where crows have to use several tools such as stones and sticks and improvise them to take out few delicious treats put inside a container. Amazingly most of the crows have passed the test even after the developers increase the difficulty level each time.

It was identified by the scientist that even crows think similar to the humans when they use tools in solving a task or a puzzle in front of them. They usually think outside the box and come-up with innovative ways in solving problems. In our childhood we’ve all heard of a crow using stones to raise the water level inside a pot to quench his thirst.

Magpie / Pica Pica

Magpie is also another bird considered a quite intelligent in the world of feathers. A resident breeding bird throughout Asia, Europe and USA, Magpie is also belongs to the crow family. Builds up to 17-18 Inches in length, these birds mostly have Black, White, Metallic Green, Bronze Green and Violet.

According to the researches done, the expansion of the bird’s Nidopallium (region of the avian brain that is used mostly for some types of executive functions but also for other higher cognitive tasks.) is roughly the same as is found in apes and humans relatively to its size.

Magpie is identified as an animal who can express its feelings and most amazingly few species of creature living in the earth who can identify the self-recognition on the mirror. While in the wild, it was observed that these birds and well-coordinated and organized with their gang using intricate strategies in hunting and confronting predators.

Magpies are usually aggressive towards songbirds and this made them misinterpreted among the humans that these birds carry bad omen or ill fortune among several other superstitions.


Usually with their ability to mimic human language, Parrots are quite a famous pet all over the world.

Parrots are usually social learners, which means that if one parrot does something new using his skills, the other learns it just by watching how he does it.

The pet parrot Alex of the famous researcher Irene Pepperberg learned behaviours by watching lab assistant and other researches. Alex is capable in identifying Objects, Colors, Shapes. He is capable is counting and also can categorized object and compare them using words such as ‘bigger’, ‘smaller’, ‘taller’ and etc.

So, these are only a very few which we’ve brought to you today. Stay with us for more on these types of articles.

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