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The Gentle Giant

I hope you’ve already heard about great apes ‘Harambe’ and “Benti’ who saved lives of children who fallen into their Gorilla cages.

Today I’m going to narrate another similar story where another huge ape has been able to save a human life.

Our hero today is a Gorilla named ‘Jumbo’ who lived in the open-air gorilla exhibit in Jersey Zoo in England.

On a busy day in the summer, the visitors of Jersey zoo got so tensed when a 5-year-old boy named Levan Merritt fell into the Gorilla cage. The onlookers got much more frightened when a giant silver back named ‘Jumbo’ approaches the unconscious boy. But to the surprise of everyone, the beast made a defensive posture around the boy after checking is the boy is okay.

He kept guarding the boy from the other gorillas who were quite interesting to check on this new object fell into their cage. Jumbo started stroking the child’s back gently while keeping an eye on the other gorillas which made the boy regain his consciousness.

Though the boy’s screaming alarmed Jumbo once he gains his consciousness, rather than acting aggressively, Jumbo step away from the boy guiding other gorillas to their inner-ring closure too.

This helps the rescuers do their job easily and take the little Elven out of the cage safely. The ‘Jumbo’ has been since nicknamed ‘The Gentle Giant’ has passed away lately. But a life-sized bronze statue has been placed in the Jersey as a tribute to his heroic act.


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