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Ashapooh – A guardian angel with fur

This is a story about a dog who saved life of a little boy lost in the woods.

Ashapooh is a pure bread Australian shepard owned by the family of a 2-year-old boy named Paten Myrick. When Paten and his family visited their grandparents’ farm, they thought it’s better if their faithful dog would join them too.

Since parents got busy with few errands, they asked the elders to keep an eye on little Paten playing in the backyard with Ashapooh. For a few moments which Paten’s grandfather got distracted, Paten went into the woods surrounding the farm.

Once they realized that Paten is missing, they started searching but both the dog and the boy was nowhere to be found. They informed the police and even after and exhausted search stretched till the night, no clue has been found either about the boy or the dog.

Suddenly the search team came upon Ashapooh, who came running barking at them and keep signaling them to follow him. The team followed the dog into a isolated barn in the woods where they found little Paten lying down, sleeping on his jacket. The faithful dog has been there with the little boy all the time keeping him safe until he heard the searching party arrives nearby and alerted them the whereabouts of the boy. The faithful creature has been able to prevent a great disaster to be happened to the Myrick family by being the guardian angel for the little boy, Paten.

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