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Smart Primates

Being our ancestors in the chain of human revolution, apes does have many similarities with human. Though called them animals as they live in the wild, these amazing creatures are very much intelligent and smart when it comes to the survival in the wild.

Monkeys have the same nature of using the tools around them in making their tasks easier. In 2005 in South Eastern Senegal, two scientists, one from Iowa University and one from Cambridge University identified monkeys with hunting spears which reminded the movie ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ to most of the people around the world. However, fortunately these spears have not been used against the humans and everyone was relieved.

One video clip of a test made by few scientists shows that a monkey asking for a help from one of the scientist to push away a heavy load placed over a food basket once he realized that he no longer can push the load by himself. This clearly proves that the monkeys are capable in asking help and communicate where necessary.

A similar test proves that the monkeys even tends to help others whenever it’s needed.

Furthermore, few Japanese scientists have proven that baby chimpanzees having amazing visual memories by giving them a test along with few Japanese students. In this test, both were given numbers on a digital screen and put their memories on to a test by checking how accurately they remember the positions of each numbers on the screen.

At the Stanford University of USA, scientist keep a gorilla named ‘Koko’ as a test subject. Well trained with sign language, Koko ones express his anger towards a fellow gorilla who torn a leg of her ragdoll by saying ‘Mike is a Dirty Toilet’ through sign language. Koko is quite amazing with the sign language compared to other test subjects which only use one or two words to express their feelings or needs. On the contrary, Koko use multiple words and perfect sentences when expressing her feelings. Once in an interview, she said that “She is a good bird”, when asked about it furthermore, she said “it was just a joke”.

Similar to Koko, there was another Pigmee Chimpanzee named ‘Kanzy’ who is much efficient in understanding human language. Kanzy does exactly what her owner asked from her and most of the time, her owner wears mask in order to prove that Kanzy only refer to the words from her and not the expression of the face or anything else.

Most apes are quick learners if they were taught well. In many corners of the world, in several universities, scientist testing them on several purposes in related to communication and intelligence they hold within them.

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