Real Story

A wolf never forgets

This happened with a hunter, and the story goes like this.

One day, a hunter saw a little wolf pup along the way through a forest. Pup must have been forgotten or abandoned by the pack. He felt sorry for the little pup and decide to take him home.

Though the wife of the hunter did not approve the decision a bit, his little son was very much delighted with what his daddy brought home. Little boy decided to raise the pup as a dog with few trainings and command. However, pup does not like the idea being a trained dog, as he is a born wild animal and the training did not go well.

Eventually pup get used to the family and surrounding and even the wife of the hunter got friendly with him and feed him lovingly. The friendship between the pup and the little boy made a huge impact on boy’s life and improvements on his studies and behavior gets noticed by his parents. Boy became more responsible and disciplined.

Time passed and both boy and the pup grew strong together. Pup was allowed roam free around the house and suddenly one day he got disappeared, and the family couldn’t find a single trace of him.

Parents couldn’t able to bare the sadness of the boy who lost his friend and finally decided to bring him a puppy instead. Though the family get used to puppy and forgotten about the wolf pup, the boy was still upset with the loss. Parents noticed decrease in boy’s studies but did not know what to do.

One winter day boy went out for sledding with few other children down a hill which is not far from their home. Play went on the boy didn’t had any thought about the time. It got dark and only he was left there in the hill. Being afraid of darkness he decided going back. He was about to go home when heard a howling of wolves and within few seconds he was surrounded by a wolf pack. Boy got so frightened he closed his eyes and started crying.

Surrounded by the pack of wolves

boy felt one wolf is walking towards him slowly preparing to jump. Boy got so frightened, he thought he’s going to die today. But when the wolf gets closer, by instinct boy recognized the wolf as his lost friend. Capable of remembering scents for so long, wolf instantly recognized his human friend. Both were so happy to meet again. The wolf signals the others to step away so that the boy can pass through them safely and wait till he disappears down the hill.

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