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Cherished Friendships

The term ‘having a pet’ is quite awkward when the pet becomes huge and has a reputation being a beast.

Having these exotic animals as pets and living with them having no harm is quite an achievement.

1. Lion whisperer

Nick named ‘Lion Whisperer’ Kevin Richardson is well known for his dangerously close relationships with the big cats. The amazing thing is the lazy domestic cat behavior of these large predators when they’re around Kevin. Most of the time it can be seen that these beasts cuddle with Kevin and sometime sleeps on his chest or arm. However, these lions have not been domesticated in any way, but they rather tend to tolerate Kevin’s presence peacefully.

2. Real world Tarzan

Kody Antle  AKA ‘Tarzan’ or some called him ‘The Tiger Prince’, is the sone of the famous Kevin the Doc Antle. Doc being called ‘The Tiger King’, his son Kody is the closest thing you’ll see to real life Tarzan.

From a very young age, Kody learnt to love and care for animals. A life like a Disney cartoon, you might see videos of Kody carrying a Bengal Tiger on his back or spending times with his monkey brothers making Tik-Tok. Living a unique life, Kody considered his sister as a tigress named Aba, while having actual human sister named Tony Antle who called herself ‘Queen of he Jungle’.

3. Lion Pride

A 27-year-old swiss, Dean Schneider dedicated his whole life for the animal world. Currently living in Africa, he is a proud partner of ‘Lion Pride’. A father to two monkeys, Dean says he was inspired to love animals by the late Legend Steve Irwin. Even though being an animal fanatic, Dean lived a normal life being a financial advisor by profession. Successfully completing 3 years in the financial industry, he earned enough funds to open his private animal sanctuary ‘Hakuna Mapaka’, which is not open to the public.  He says he built this place for animals, not for humans and he does not allow any tourist visits to the park.

4. The Bear Granny

Bonnie Hunt also known as ‘Bear Granny’, is a 62-year-old truck driver from Texas. Living with 3 unlikely large pets in her home, Bonnie has 2 large grizzly bears and an albino Bengal tiger. Her day filled with regular interactions with these beasts feeding them, bathing them and playing with them. Her two pet grizzlies have lived with her since they’re just a little cubs getting feed with marsh-mellows, cookies and ice creams. She met these two giants ‘Hubbles’ and ‘Bam Bam’ in a very peculiar way. One morning she found her dog followed with these two cubs which her initial thought was these two being another two black dogs. However when they came closer she realized who actually they are and since then ‘Hubbles’ and ‘Bam Bam’ became the permanent residents of Bonnie’s house.

Her tigress Anushka is gifted to her as little cub and she never disappointed with the gift.

5. The Lizard King Dad

Eric Leblanc is a lizard enthusiast who let’s his three little kids spend their time with quite awkward pets he has in his household. Eric has a 19-foot-long python and a variety of other lizard collection with him. A recent fire at his reptile store made him move most of his collection to the house where he lived after few of them lost due to the fire. He says these lizard make great pets due to the low maintenance, and you don’t need to spend large sum money on food, vets and other necessary things. However, though Eric has no issues of his children play with most of his lizard collection, there are few which he doesn’t allow his children to get closer.

6. Supportive Wally

Owned by Joie Henney from Pennsylvania, Wally is a 5 foot, 60 lbs federally licensed emotionally support alligator. Ranging from bearded dragons to pythons, Joie has a remarkable collection of pets in his house. Wally is the main attraction among the collection, this 4-year-old alligator holds a special place in Joie’s heart. Wally is a frequent sight around Joie whether he is in a park, mall or even a restaurant. Joei says he is quite like a dog and he loves being around him and never wants to part from his emotional supporter.

7. The Alpha

Shaun Ellis is someone you can call a real-life wolf-man. Living with wolves is quite a dangerous lifestyle, but for Shaun it’s not the case. He dedicated his life for wolves and sometimes even isolate himself from the society for months only to be spend time with wolves. Shaun says he rarely washes himself as it will affect his relationship with the wolves as they might misunderstood his scent for someone else. Though Shaun has a very unusual lifestyle compared to a normal human being, he also has a human partner Elisa who also supports this peculiar lifestyle of Shaun’s. Got married in a native American style wedding, Shaun now teaches his human wife the ways of living with his wolf pack.

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