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The Richest Animal In The World

What’s your thought on a DOG having a multimillion-dollar net worth?

Quite awkward? Hard to believe?

But to be truth, not only dogs, there are several fortunate animals in the world which happens to be pets for such generous humans who have left a quite sum of money for their pets to live a luxurious life when the pets over-lived the owner.

1. Richest Animal ‘GUNTHER

On top of this list is a DOG named GUNTHER, who happens to be a CEO of multimillion-dollar corporation. Before we unfold the story of the RICHEST DOG OF THE WORLD, we ensure you that this is a true story and none of the stats or the information mentioned here is made-up.

We all know a dog cannot earn money and become a millionaire by itself. So, to be a millionaire dog, pet should have a wealthy owner. So here in this story, the actual source for Gunther’s fortune is Karlotta Liebenstein.

Karlotta is a German countess who has a multimillion-dollar fortune. Not having any children, Gunther III who she cherished all through her life became Karlotta’s heir when she passed away in 1992. Without having any close relations living at the moment, Gunther had no issues becoming the luckiest Dog in the planet inheriting countess’ entire wealth of 80 million dollars. Karlotta willed that these funds are to be used totally for Gunther’s well-being.

However, when the Gunther has passed away, the inheritance has been passed away to his son Gunther IV. Along the years, caretakers who have been appointed to look after Gunther has been able to increase the wealth through strategic investments. As a result, today Gunther has a net worth of 375 million dollars. Being a German Shepard having an average life span of 12-14 years, it’s quite controversial Gunther being still alive. As per the actual facts, the dog living at the moment should be Gunther V or Gunther VI, he is still referred to as Gunther IV.

Before going into further details about Gunther’s life style, let’s take a look at what happens when an owner left a fortune for his/her pet/pets.

When a person willed his/her inheritance to a pet, the money will actually go into a trust. A Designated Trustee is appointed for the trust and this person can determine how and when the funds are utilized from the trust. Down the line then comes a Primary Caretaker who looks after the pet and requires payment for the services they offer and all related expenses from the trustee.

There is also an Enforcer who has been appointed to make sure the trust is being managed properly and the funds are used only in the interest of the pet. The Enforcer could be named in the will or can be appointed by the court.

Unlike in Gunther’s case, most of the time the left-over money when the designated pet dies goes to a charity or a specific individual which the owner typically mentioned in their will.

Though Karlotta named the Gunther’s offspring in this case, most of the caretakers secretly replace the pet once the actual one died as they don’t want to lose the money they’re getting through the pet. Knowing this, most of the pet owners put a time limit for how long the trustee capable in withdrawing the money from the trust.

Now let’s get back to Gunther’s story and see how’s his money being handled.

Gunther’s money is held in a trust which is managed by Gunther Corporation, where the Gunther himself being the CEO of the company. Though the corporation built in the purpose of taking care of Gunther’s well being, there are several unusual scenarios how they’ve spent the funds.

For instance, they have assembled a theatre show named ‘THE BURGUNDIANS’ which toured in South Florida in 1999. They also produce a Television Musical Special called ‘Global Revolution’ spending millions of dollars which telecasted only once in an Italian television network.

In 2006, the corporation purchased the Italian Football club ‘Puntarenas’, officially Gunther becoming the owner of the Football Club.

Not only Football club, but Gunther is the official owner of several properties held by the Gunther Corporation which including several villas in Italy, properties in Bahamas and a German estate. In 2007 he marked his highest purchase buying a 7.5-million-dollar mansion from Madonna in Miami. As per the source, it was revealed that Gunther Corporation has considered buying Silvester Stallone’s 27 million-dollar Miami villa before purchasing Madonna’s. However, the mansion has been bought by a group called Burgandians which later at a press conference once the deal finalized, they revealed Gunther Corporation is their sponsor behind the purchase.

Where Gunther use the main bedroom of the mansion, the corporation rents the mansion for movie and television shoot which is one way the corporation make sure Gunther’s network increases regularly.

Along with many other caretakers, Gunther has a personal made who cleans up after him and a butler who attend to his many needs.

In 2001 Gunther showed up at a high dollar auction along with two staff in Northern Italy, where he successfully bided on 1.1 million dollar truffle. Surrounded by 24 hour security, Gunther is living life which most of dream at the night.

Gunther being the wealthiest, there are several other pets who inherited substantial fortune from their past owners.

2. Second Richest Animal ‘Tommaso

Tommaso’ the cat owns a 13 million dollar inheritance when his owner Maria Asenta, a widow an Italian real-estate dealer passed away in 2011.

3. Blackie

British antique dealer Ben Ray left his entire 12.5 million dollar worth fortune to his cat ‘Blackie’ when he passed away in 1988.

4. Trouble

The dog named ‘Trouble’ inherited 12 million dollar fortune when his owner billionaire real-estate dealer Leonna Hamsley passed away in 2007.

5. Gigoo

A rooster named Gigoo inherited 10 million dollars when his owner passed away in 2001.

The all famous pet chimpanzee of Michael Jackson, Bubbles is left with 2 million dollars to look after for his life when the singer passed away.

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