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12 Stories of Animal way of showing respect & gratitude

Taking care of each other is the best thing we can do to maintain a healthy relationship. But it’s not something that valid only for humans, it is 100% same with each living being in this planet. So, it’s our responsibility to look after whoever we can whenever we can.

Mentioned here are some few stories which being taken care or rescued by humans and how these animals pay gratitude for what humans have done for them.

Since they have a different way of their own to say thank you, let’s hear how they’ve done it.

1. Bella the squirrel

Brantley Harrison has rescued a squirrel outside of her house being attacked by an owl. Named the squirrel ‘Bella, Brantley and her family have taken care of her for five months until she is fully recovered. Now being a permanent resident of the house, ‘Bella’ visits Harrison family everyday as she pleases and pay gratitude for what they have done for her.

2. A hug from a Swan

This swan simply says ‘Thank you” by giving a tight warm hug around her rescuer neck.

Thanks to the immediate reaction of Richard Weeze, this swan is safe from getting killed by being stuck in a fence. Usually know for mean behavior, this swan amends her natural ways by showing appreciation by hugging Richard around his neck whenever she sees him.

3. A visitor for breakfast

This deer visits this family every morning as an appreciation for saving him from the hunters. And he never forgets to sit back a moment for a tasty breakfast of homemade bread.

4. A partner who never leaves the sight

Marvin is a dog who has been saved from an animal shelter and as a sign of respect and gratitude Marvin never leaves a single moment away from his rescuer and loves being around him all along the day.

5. Rain full of kisses

This girl didn’t had the heart to convince the strange little visitors came into her house in a middle of a storm. She let these three little deer cubs to stay inside her house till the storm goes away and in return they showered the girl with rain full of kisses.

6. A long-lasting friendship

A 10-year-old friendship is truly a strong bond for one to have. This kangaroo named Abigail, cherish the friendship with her rescuers at Alice Spring Reserve by giving them a warm tight hug whenever she sees them.

7. Nora the nanny

Nora a dog rescued from an abusive home, never let anyone near her till she met the little infant at the house of her rescuers. She pays her gratitude for adopting her by taking care of her new little buddy.

8. Respect earned through love

This jaguar has been rescued from Amazon struggling for survival by a Brazilian solider and later named her ‘Jiquitaia’ while nursed her back to health. Jaguar holds a huge respect for the solider and these images shows it perfectly.

9. A new nurse at the shelter

Madamensa is a cat nurse who take care of other sick animals at the animal shelter. She was brought into the shelter as 2-month-old kitten suffering from Respiratory Inflammation, and now she looks after other animals in the shelter by showing them love and care.

10. A victim of fire, became a firefighter

A Firefighter Jake is a dog once rescued from a burning barn by William Lender. With 75% of his body burned during the fire and now fully recovered, Jake became a firefighter himself.

11. A moment of joy

This moose loves to play with her rescuer showing signs of love and respect for the kind act. She visits the human daily and make sure she makes him happy.

These are only a few among amazing stories of interaction among human and animals. Since we all shares equal right to live on this planet we should take care of each other whenever we can in whatever way possible.

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