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Why are sharks afraid of dolphins?

Did you know that most of the time, Sharks prefer to avoid Dolphins? It’s a well-known fact that Sharks swim away quickly when they see a Dolphin nearby. Though sometimes Dolphin parts were found inside Shark stomachs, it is quite unusual for a fearless killer like a Shark be afraid of such adorable and playful animal like Dolphin.

Usually Dolphins lives in a pods/ packs and they known to a quite clever mammal living in the oceans. Dolphins are known to be using their brain when it comes to surviving and saving themselves in a disturbing situation. What Dolphins usually do when they see an aggressive or an angry shark coming towards them, they attack the Shark with the whole pack without giving the Shark any chance. This is the main reason that has been identified why the Sharks have a tendency to avoid packs of Dolphins with quite a number.

As per the built and body structure,Dolphins have many advantages than Sharks. Having a flexible but strong upper fin and supple bone structure covered with soft skin make them very effective and competent in a fight. While having flat vertical tails make Sharks less mobile with up & down movements, having horizontal tails gives more mobility for Dolphins and making them capable in changing the direction quick in a fast attack.

Further with a hard-skinned head gave them advantage to attack Sharks from under onto their soft skinned bellies which will results in critical internal damages. Rapid mobility with strong heads made Dolphins biological underwater battering rams while on a fight with Sharks. A pack of Dolphins always take care of each other and a well-directed hit from the strong snout of Dolphin can even kill a Shark.

Being well-organized for a necessary fight, Dolphins usually frightens the Sharks to swim away before going into an actual fight.

Sharks being lone predators usually roaming alone, Dolphins always lives with group which is called a ‘Pod’. This make them more effective in a fight which they never let a single member of the pack get abandoned or injured. Even though the pack/ pod being limited to few members and maybe sometimes two or three, Sharks always prefer avoiding the Dolphins. Which sometimes being the case where some humans being saved by Dolphins from Shark attacks.

Dolphins being quite intelligent creatures, they use echolocation to move quickly in the water and sometimes avoid or attack the Sharks by locating them accurately.

Sharks always tends to attack creature smaller than them and at times they attack on baby Dolphins. If the attacked missed on the first attempt, being speedy swimmers compared to most of the Sharks breeds, Dolphins get away to regroup with the pod or to get away from the Shark.

However the usual Dolphins attack Sharks only if they’re threatened, a largest breed of Dolphins, The Killer Whales eventually hunts white sharks when they don’t have sufficient food. While on hunt, Killer Whales use their strong and massive tails to flip the shark over and make them immovable. White Sharks immediately avoid Killer Whales when they see them as Killer whales usually do not miss a chance to have their favourite food, Sharks Liver. Killer whales are experts in taking out the Shark’s liver and throw away the rest of the body when they are hunting for sharks.

So, what do you think, might Sharks have a bigger advantage if they’re also swim in a pod? Or Dolphins are just clever creatures?

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